Water Filters – Made in Germany. Discover purity, without compromise. Our water filtration systems transform your tap water into premium drinking water, whether at home or on the go in a motorhome. Welcome to a world where the purest water becomes reality

VISION AQUA® Water Filters

Experience the purest drinking water of the highest quality with our water filtration systems. Our versatile product range includes space-saving kitchen filters and mobile solutions for RVs and boats, so you don't have to compromise on crystal-clear drinking water. We are your partner in commercial and medical water purification. Our systems ensure germ-free water in an environmentally friendly manner, without the use of biocides, and are distinguished by outstanding energy efficiency.

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Contact and Consultation

Get in touch and receive comprehensive advice from our experienced specialists to find the perfect water filter for your home.

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Top Special Offers

Don't miss out on these promotions: Experience top-quality water filters and accessories at unbeatable prices! Dive into the world of special offers.

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Maximum Water Quality

Maximize your water quality with our premium water filter accessories! Dive into a world full of innovations that elevate your water experience to a new level.

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Water filter accessories

John Guest® connections

John Guest® quick couplings and connectors are characterized by high product quality and ensure permanently secure connections between the pipe systems and connecting elements.

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Drinking water taps

Our drinking water taps are made of 100 % stainless steel. Perfect for ultrapure water of the highest quality! They do not contain any substances such as brass, which can contaminate the pure water.

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Replacement filter

For optimal operation of the VISION AQUA® water filters, regular filter changes are essential. Ensure safe, clean and tasty drinking water like the first day.

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Mit den Umkehrosmoseanlagen und Wasserfiltern von VISION AQUA reduzieren Sie Ihren persönlichen CO2-Fußabdruck um ein Vielfaches.

Reduce your CO2 Footprint

VISION AQUA® water filters are an effective, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving solution. They reduce the consumption of bottled water, thus lowering CO2 emissions and transportation costs. With only 0.35 g of CO2 per liter, the system is a sustainable alternative to single-use and reusable packaging. Experience how you can save money and time while simultaneously reducing your CO2 footprint. Try it now.

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VISION AQUA® Water Filtration Systems – Cost-Effectiveness at a Glance

With more than 2 liters per minute, our water filters easily produce at least 138 liters of pure water per hour. Significantly more than any competitor product is capable of producing. And they do so with very low energy consumption and a very small system size. As a customer, you not only save energy in the form of electricity but also significantly reduce your CO2 footprint! And when comparing the expenses with buying bottled water, you get 142 liters of the purest drinking water of the highest quality for only one euro!

Over 138 liters of pure water per hour with low energy consumption and compact size. You save energy and significantly reduce your CO2 footprint. Moreover, you get 142 liters of high-quality drinking water for just one euro, a more cost-effective alternative to bottled water.

138 Ultra-pure water in Liters per Hour
1 Energy Consumption in Watts per Liter
888 CO2 Savings in kg per Year
142 Liters for One Euro

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